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Of Dice and Men

Here at the Hobby Corner we sell a lot of dice. A common question goes as follows, when am I ever gonna need these? The answer depends on the kind of gamer. If you are big into RPG's such as Pathfinder and Dungeons and Dragons then you will need them all the time. However, if you are not into RPG's then you will not likely need dice. For the uninitiated I will go through some kinds of dice that we offer at the Hobby Corner.

Dice are differentiated by the number of sides they have. So a regular Yahtzee dice is a six sided die often shortened to D6. One of the more popular dice items we sell is a set of polyhedral dice. These include the standard D6 as well as less common dice like the D4, D8, D12, and the D20. The biggest dice that we sell are the D60. They are rarely if ever used in an RPG but it is not unheard of. The biggest dice mathematically possible is the D120. We do not have any of these in stock, but here is a picture for scale.

The D120 next to a D60 and D6

The questions remains, why do we sell so many dice? The answer, they are cheap and come in many different colors so plenty of gamers like to collect in addition to using them in RPG's.

Regardless of why you're buying them, come on down to the Hobby Corner Cedar Rapids or Iowa City and check out our dice selection.

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