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Flash Point Review

Flash Point: Fire Rescue is a cooperative action-economy board game done in the same style as Pandemic. Flash Point starts by randomly placing fires, hazardous materials, and points of interest on the board. The goal is to find the people and get them out of the house while keeping the fires from destroying the walls, thus collapsing the house. If that’s not enough bang, you can further flavor the game by adding Specialized Firefighters, Vehicles, and Hot Spots; This allows for entry level play and late game play.

One of the major pros of the game the flexibility which leads to a lot of replayability. This can be extended further by adding additional maps included in expansions, each with their own quirky layout. I find the Basement Add On (from Extreme Danger) and the Brownstone Apartment Complex (from Urban Structures) to be the most difficult to date, taking many attempts to complete. It seats three to six people comfortably, sometimes needing at least five on some of the harder setups. Only taking 60 minutes to complete, Flash Point: Fire Rescue is worth the $40 price tag for the base game.

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