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Proline striker review

I got my strikers about a week ago. Just long enough to give them a good try on my short course truck.

First impressions were a little underwhelming. The tread isn’t that aggressive and it isn’t very deep. They felt good on the rims though.

Second impressions were very good. On pavement they had tons of grip but still they still slide around enough to prevent traction roll. While they are sliding they are very controllable. Once I hit the grass they continued to perform well despite the lack of super aggressive tread. They didn’t seem to have any less traction than other tires such as trenchers that I have tried. Once again they could grab well and slide perfectly. I also got to try them on carpet. They slide a little more than foam tires but they also felt more consistent than dedicated carpet tires thanks to the fact that the truck wouldn’t traction roll.

I have only ran them a couple times but they seem to be holding up well considering the amount of power my truck has and how aggressively I have been running them on pavement.

Overall I would highly recommend these tires to anyone who plans to run on pavement or grass with their slash or other short course truck.

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