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America's new favorite sport? Basher Ball Begins

Long has the world waited for a game of true skill. It took man thousands of years to make it to the point where such a game could be created. Now we lucky few will have the privilege to be the first to play Basher Ball.

You may be asking yourself what is Basher Ball? Let me enlighten you.

Basher Ball is the greatest parts of Soccer, or football for everyone else in the world, combined with the fast-paced world of RC cars. In Basher Ball, teams of two vs. two or three vs. three attempt to score on the other team by getting the ball into the opposing teams goal. The ball is nearly twice the size of the RC cars that players will use, yet this does not make the game easy. These cars can reach their top speed in just seconds making Basher Ball a very fast paced game, as long as players hit the ball.

Games are played with unmodified 16th and 18th scale cars. Each game will last 6 minutes so make sure to bring several batteries for your car. We fully expect cars to smash into each other, however excessive aggressiveness will be penalized.

As the league develops we will be adding other divisions for modified cars. A division for 10th scale cars is also likely with enough player interest.

The first season of Basher Ball will be starting up April 24th. Games will be played at The Hobby Corner in Iowa City on Monday nights starting at 6.

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